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  • Testimonials

    As for me the GHRCCST has been that experience which is simply amazing. The entire journey of 3 years had made me an all rounder. So, I have been the 2nd topper of the college and the runner up in the Dance competition. The institute has given me that platform which aided in my complete development. Amidst the plethora of amenities associated with the institute, the Toastermaster Club has been my greatest strength, guiding me and giving me that perfect dais to grow. I owe my present profile to the institutes’ attributes.

    Mehul Siddhapara
    Year of passing: 2016(BBA)


    It is a matter of immense pleasure mingled with pride to have been a part of the Graduation program of the GHRCCST College. The most promising aspect of the institute is the cordial relationship between the students and faculties. Undoubtedly, is has made me a ‘Better person’. The two years spent in here have been nothing short of splendid. They have been the catalyst to my growth both professionally and personally. The success which is reciprocated in my job profile presently is a huge payback from the Graduation program at the Raisoni.

    Amardeep Kaur Bhogal
    Assistant tax Manager at Deloitte Tax LLP

    A place which made me a better version of myself”- This is how I have always and will continue to describe the haven of knowledge, academics and information, the GHRCCST. It gave me that perfect platform which amalgamated academics well balanced with co-curricular activities. It made me grow. It made me, explore myself. And, it made me come out of the comfort zone. The events including RPL, Indradhanu, Toastmasters, Charter Chariot, Adventure camps and Excursion has aided me in carving a niche in my personality. It is aptly said, -“Once, you are a part of it, and then it becomes a part of you.”- Forever!

    Sneha Lonkar
    Year of Passing: 2015
  • ROCS

    The Raisoni Office of Career Services ( ROCS) is a unique new initiative undertaken for the first time among educational institutions in Central India, to TRANSFORM STUDENTS CAREER PATHWAY, like never before :

    Key Benefits envisaged for the students, include:

    1. INTEGRATED Training, Placements, III Cell & Alumni activities in each campus
    2. PERSONALIZED service to students
    3. Career Pathway for each student WILL BE discussed
    4. Student MENTOR is assigned in all colleges
    5. DEVELOPMENT of INDIVIDUAL Student Development plan

    Preparing our young professionals for the next steps may involve self-discovery, exploration, and skill development, honing their interviewing skills, and developing a timeline for how they will achieve their goals. The 4 keys areas of ROCS are:

    Self-Discovery : Learning about who you are and how you want to make an impact is a great place to begin. Careers that combine your skills, interests, values, and personality are usually a great fit.

    Exploration : Exploring your personal, academic, and career interests enables you to begin to develop career goals. Reflecting on experiences in your classes, internships, student groups, and community will generate many interesting options to consider and learn more about.

    Preparation : Preparing for your next steps may involve developing relevant skills. But it will also involve putting together a strong resume, learning how to write a cover letter, developing graduate school or fellowship applications, understanding the importance of networking, honing your interviewing skills, and developing a timeline for how you’ll achieve your goals.

    Action : Once you have some ideas about next steps, you’re ready to move forward!

    Key Deliverables - NEW, BETTER & DIFFERENT

    • Industry Need Analysis

    • Competencies Employers Looking For

    The key differentiator envisaged in ROCS is an INDIVIDUALIZED STUDENT DEVELOPMENT PLAN, which recognizes the fact that every student is special and his or her development needs are different from many others. ROCS works to educate, connect, and advise students about opportunities for summer and post-graduation in order to foster their intellectual, social, and personal transformations.