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  • About IQAC

    Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

    The IQAC is functional in planning and implementation of the infrastructural and the academic upgrade of the College within the ambits of UGC guidelines. It takes into account each teacher's performance in both curricular and extra-curricular areas for their career advancement.

    With its objective of sustenance and enhancement of quality education, the major thrust areas are student enrolment, student participation, motivation, quality improvement, promotion of quality research culture, enhancement of infrastructural facilities and support services. With the Principal as Chairperson, meetings are conducted periodically to discuss issues relating to academic performance and non-academic matters of the college to foster efficient organization and maintenance of credentials pertaining to the staff and students.

    The IQAC assists the College authorities in formulating various action plans and strategies to increase the institution’s performance by carefully assessing its strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities. The Cell organizes various programmes and seminars/workshops for the benefit of teaching and non-teaching staff.

  • Objectives

    • To develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the overall performance of the institution
    • To channelize all efforts and measures of the institution towards promoting its holistic academic excellence
    • To ensure continuous improvement in the entire operations of the University
    • To ensure stakeholders connected with higher Education, namely parents, teachers, staff, would be employers, funding agencies and society in general, of its own quality and probity.
  • Functions

    • Design and implementation of annual plan for institution – level activities for quality enhancement
    • Arrange for feedback responses from students for quality – related institutional processes
    • Development and Applications of quality bench marks / parameters for the various academic and administrative activities of the institution
    • Retrieval of information on various quality parameters of Higher Education and best practices followed by other institutions
    • Organizations of Workshops and Seminars on Quality – related themes and promotion of quality circles and institutions- wide dissemination of the proceeding of such activities
    • Development and Application of innovative practices in various programmes / activities leading to quality enhancement
    • Participation in the creation of learner – centric environment conductive for quality education
    • Work for the development of Internationalization and Institutionalization of quality enhancement policies and practices
    • Act as a nodal unit of the institution for augmenting quality – related activities
  • IQAC Members

    Sr. No Name Designation
    1 Dr. Aarti Deshpande Chairperson
    2 Prof. Madhuri Barua,
    Prof. Jyoti Samseriya,
    Dr. Jasvinder Kaur,
    CA Dr. Manish Shah
    Teacher Members
    3 Mr. O.S.Bihade Member/Nominee from Employers
    4 Mrs. Anita Kadam, Senior administrative officer
    5 Mr Deepak Mourya Senior administrative officer
    6 Mr. Aman Choubey Student Nominee
    7 Swati Banerjee Local Society Nominee
    8 Mr. Vinay Sahu Nominee Alumni
    9 Mr. Shabbir Vali Nominee Industrialist
    10 Mr. Ved Agrawal Nominee Stakeholder
    11 Mrs. Amina Vali from SNDT University Acamedician
    12 Dr. Ashwin Ankar One of the senior teachers as the coordinator/Director of the IQAC
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  • MOM

    Sr. No Name Designation Attendance
    1 Dr. Aarti Deshpande Chairperson Present  
    2 Prof. Madhuri Barua, Prof. Jyoti Samseriya, Dr. Jasvinder Kaur, CA Dr. Manish Shah Teacher Members Present  
    3 MrO.S.Bihade Member/Nominee from Employers Present  
    4 Mrs Anita Kadam, Senior administrative officer Present  
    5 Mr Deepak Mourya Senior administrative officer Present  
    6 Mr Aman Choubey Student Nominee Present  
    7 Swati Banerjee Local Society Nominee   Absent
    8 Mr. Vinay Sahu Nominee Alumni Present  
    9 Mr Shabbir Vali Nominee Industrialist   Absent
    10 MrVed Agrawal Nominee Stakeholder Present  
    11 Mrs Amina Vali from SNDT University Acamedician Present  
    12 Dr. Ashwin Ankar One of the senior teachers as the coordinator/Director of the IQAC Present


    Agenda1: To start with, the result analysis was the prime and focal point of discussion by IQAC along with students’ adequate attendance and quality teaching learning process.
    Resolution: Result analysis was done and suggestions were given for better results and fruitful Teaching learning Process. Measures to increase attendance were also suggested.

    Agenda 2: It was discussed that College should continue Conference like MUN which enriches participants with various skills like public speaking, debating, writing, critical thinking, teamwork and leadership and broadens their knowledge on international relations and world affairs.
    Resolution: As last year, Model United Nation was again thought for hence “Intra MUN 2019” was planned in the college for the students.

    Agenda 3: To continue with the importance of learning one foreign language which would help students in future in processing for various career prospects, the French language learning session was thought to be continued in the present session as well.
    Resolution: Foreign language (French) sessions were scheduled again for students wherein 2hours weekly French language learning classes was made finalized.

    Agenda 4: It was suggested by Mr. O.S. Behade that private counseling should be continued to provide students personal psychoanalysis and to study the science of their behavior as well on the basis of the same fashion it was started in last academic session.
    Resolution: Psychology lectures by a trained psychology expert were made continued for the students.

    Agenda 5: The members of IQAC thought for motivating the faculty members to write books in their domains.
    Resolution: To begin with this academic session, it was decided to make book writing a compulsory task for teachers in their area of expertise.

    Agenda 6: As per the instructions given by BOG, proceedings of NAAC and related work were thought to be started.
    Resolution: Proper planning and framework to start NAAC proceedings was decided and portfolios were distributed to faculty members accordingly.

    Agenda 7: IQAC members thought for giving additional motivation to students in RPL and thus live telecast of the matches should be done.
    Resolution:Live telecast of the matches was planned in RPL.

    Agenda 8: Teachers’ research papers and registration for PhD.
    Resolution: IQAC members thought for motivating teachers for writing research papers in their area of expertise and also for registering themselves for Research (PhD).

    Agenda 9: Continuation of Certificate courses for BBA & BCCA Students.
    Resolution: Members of IQAC discussed that the certificate courses of last years with some value added additions should be continued.

    Prof Jyoti Pillay (Samseria)
    Prepared and circulated by
    Dr. Ashwin Ankar
    IQAC Coordinator

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