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    Raisoni Premier League 2020 organized at Shraddha park campus of RGI

    The Sixth Season of the prestigious Raisoni Premier League 2020 was organized with great fervor in the Shraddha park campus of RGI. The event was organized by G H Raisoni College of Commerce Science and Technology from January 21, 2020 to January 25, 2020.

    The event was inaugurated on January 21, 2020 at the hands of Mrs. Shailja Jain, Head Coach, Iran’s Women’s Kabaddi Team. After various rounds of qualifying matches along with semifinal, the final match was played between Python Crushers and Electrifying Eels wherein the Electrifying Eels won the match and became the champion.

    The winning team was awarded with RPL Champion Trophy and a cash prize of Rs 1, 25,000 whereas the Runner Up team was awarded a trophy and cash Prize of Rs 50,000.

    The girls’ teams also fought for the RPL trophy in female category and Cool Kingfishers won the final match and was awarded a trophy along with a cash prize of Rs 15000.

    The chief guest in the valedictory function on January 25, 2020 was Shri sunil Raisoni (Chairman RGI). Shri. Shreyas Raisoni (Executive Director, RGI), Dr. Vivek Kapoor(Principal, GHRAET), Shri. Ashwin Pandey (Director, HR, RGI), Dr. Aarti Deshpande (Principal, GHRCCST) were the prominent and worthy names who supported ,attended and praised the event throughout. Mr. I.S. Randhava(Sports In charge RGI) cooperated open handedly for the smooth conduct of the event.

    The in charge of this event was Shri Vishal Dhabalia who, along with the students’ committee members, worked hard to make the event successful.

    “Gyan Manthan” - The Management Fest 2020 organized at GHRCCST, Nagpur

    The most appreciated yearly event The Management Fest at G H Raisoni College of commerce Science and Technology was organized for the students of BBA on January 10 & 11, 2020. The college committee named this opulent function as “Gyan Manthan”.


    The basic purpose of this event was to make the students aware of their responsibilities by practicing many drills related to HR, Finance and Marketing domain. They develop the managerial skills this way by creating the product selling concept and convincing marketing strategies.

    On January 10, 2020 the students had presentations related to their specialized domains which were followed by the Networking Lunch on January 11, 2020.

    The judges for the presentation program were CA Sameer Khaladkar and CA Jiten Sanglani whose presence, evaluation and guidance truly motivated students to excel further in their career prospects.

    The prominent book reader Mr. Amrut Deshmukh and Mrs India 2017 Mrs Shashi Tiwari were the prominent guest speakers for the Networking Lunch who motivated and encouraged students through their real life experience.

    The winner teams on this occasion were awarded with shield and cash prizes.

    Also present in the function was Principal of the college Dr Aarti Deshpande along with all faculty members.

    Ms Madhuri Barua and Ms Kanchan Tiwari Coordinated this magnificent event efficiently and executed the event tremendously well.

    The teaching and non teaching staff along with the students worked very hard to make the program a grand success.


    GHRCCST, Nagpur Organized “Management Fest - 2k19”

    G H Raisoni College of Commerce, Science & Technology, Nagpur organized one of its most awaited educational event “Management Fest 2k19” on 13th 14th 15th 16th in collaboration with Impulse Technical for undergraduate students. The theme of the event was ' Be Different Be Unique'. The purpose behind organizing this grand event was to let the students explore and know the reality world of corporate by participating in this event and by making them meet young entrepreneurs.

    Advocate Anuja Kapur, Mr. Harish Iyer & Mr. Pyare Khan – Motivator & Trainer took the centre stage and addressed the students with their story of life. Management Fest provides a huge platform for students to rigorously study and keep up front their talent by participation in the various specialized fields like finance, human resource management, marketing and business plans. G H Raisoni College of Commerce, Science & Technology, Nagpur faculties felt no stone unturned to make the event a grand enlightened event. The participants of the event were quite excited about the event which is an ideal platform for them. The highlight of the event were the elimination round in which around 500 students participated from GH Raisoni College of Commerce, Science & Technology .The event was inaugurated at the hands of CA Dr. T S Rawal. Renowned personalities from the field of corporate and academics judged the event Mr. Gaurav Khemka, CA Renuka Borle, CA Saket Bagedia, Mr. Baldev Singh Rawat Ms Khushboo Thakur to name a few were the esteemed judges for the event. The event was organized in collaboration with Impulse Technical and knowledge partners- Vidarbha Industries, Bharat Tours, XPAND|life Maac & Sankalp. All winning teams were awarded trophy, certificate and cash prizes. More than 100 students and teaching and non teaching staff of the college participated in the networking cum valedictory session held on 16th February 2019 at Airport Centre Point Hotel. Event incharge was Mrs Jyoti Pillay – HoD BBA with the support and guidance of Officiating Principal, G H Raisoni College of Commerce, Science & Technology, Nagpur Dr. Aarti Deshpande. Students of the organizing committee along with non teaching staff played a pivotal role and worked hard to make the event happen.

    GHRCCST, Nagpur Organized A Demo Toastmasters Meet

    GHRCCST, Nagpur organized a Demo of the toastmasters meet to acquaint the freshers with this signature activity of the college. Prior to which, Raisoni Toastmasters Club held the installation Ceremony of Raisoni Toastmasters General Council. Both the segment of the entire event was graced by Area Directors Mayuri and Shashank, TM incharge Manisha Zilpelwar, coordinator Arti Deshpande, HoD of BBA, BCCA, Jyoti pillay and all the faculty members. In the installation ceremony, TGC proudly marched to the centre of the hall, then all the council members vowed to respect the values of TM international by reciting the auspicious oath. The second segment of the event was demo meet where in TM Shreya was awarded the Best Speaker Ribbon. Also TM Surbhi was recognized as the Best Role player for her effective evaluation. Towards the end, the freshers were filled with a zeal to enter the world of TM. This Mega event turned out to be a grand Success for all.


    GHRCCST, Nagpur Conducted Raisoni Toastmaster Club Level Evaluation Competition

    One of the most anticipated event that is The Raisoni Toastmaster club level Evaluation Competition was organized on 19th September, 2018. A total of 25 students comprising of the first, second and third year students participated in this competition. The evaluation was based on a test speakers speech that was TM Divya and her topic was “The Awkward Rainbow”. 3 Participant from each club that is The Diamond and The Emerald club won the positions.

    The Diamond club : Winner – TM Ruchi 1st runner up – TM Anushi 2nd runner up – TM Garima The Emerald club : Winner – TM Priya 1st runner up – TM Kashish 2nd runner up – TM Shreya The whole event was graced and witnessed by Divya Lakhera as the chief judge for the event also by the Co-ordinator of BBA department MRs Aarti Deshpande ,Head of the Department for BBA, G H Raisoni College of Commerce of Science & Technology, Shradha House, Kingsway, Nagpur Mrs. Jyoti Pillay Samseriya, G H Raisoni College of Commerce of Science & Technology, Nagpur and the Toastmaster incharge Dr. Manisha Zilpelwar, G H Raisoni College of Commerce of Science & Technology, Shradha House, Kingsway, Nagpur and other faculty members of the BBA department witnessed the meet as well. The whole event was jointly managed by both the clubs in E3 in G H Raisoni College of Commerce of Science & Technology, Shradha House, Kingsway, Nagpur. The whole event was a 2.5 hours event where 25 contestants didn't miss a chance to showcase their talent each participant had a different style from one another. The event was a huge success and both the winners from each club made it to area level. The whole contest was an absolute success for both the Raisoni clubs.

    GHRCCST, Nagpur & Raisoni Toastmaster Club Conducted “Achievers - 2018”

    Raisoni Toastmasters Club recently conducted it most unique event of the entire year i.e “ACHIEVERS” a special and grand meet where the speakers complete their CC10 i.e. competent communicator and thus become internationally certified public speakers. The event was graced by Coordinator Dr. Aarti Deshpande, Toastmaster Chief Mentor, Dr. Manisha Zilpelwar, Hod BBA Mrs. Jyoti Pillay, area director (H4) TM Mayuri and other faculty members.


    Moreover Mr. Manish Awasthi also supported the event with his presence. 'Achievers' is a unique event in itself where the proud parents of the achievers are felicitated for their constant support and parents felicitate their wards; the achievers of the day for their hard work and dedication throughout. The final level is a 8-10 minutes speech with an objective to inspire the audience and imbibe all the other objectives learnt during the entire journey. The achievers of the day were, TM Pawan CC-10, TM Surbhi CC-10, TM Priya CC-10 & TM Shreya CC-10. Apart from Public Speakers, Toastmasters also creates Leaders and certifies them with its CL (Competent Leader) certificate. CC Holders TM Pranay, TM Kashish, TM Ruchi & TM Surbhi. The entire event was a huge success which ended up by motivating the junior toastmasters to be a good speaker and leader as well.


    G H Raisoni College of Commerce Science & Technology, Nagpur Organized A Gala Farewell

    G H Raisoni College of Commerce Science & Technology, Nagpur organized a Gala Farewell for the final year students of BBA & BCCA, G H Raisoni College of Commerce Science & Technology, Nagpur at Naivedhyam Estoria wherein the juniors bid adieu to their seniors with great enthusiasm and off course nostalgia. Students were dressed up in lovely attires and followed the theme 'GRAND BALL'.

    Students presented very entertaining group dances and exciting games, various titles and token of love were given to the seniors. Different tags were awarded to the students, tag of Miss Well Dressed & Mr. Well Dressed were won by Miss Ruchi Maloo & Mr. Maaz Khan. Finally Miss Ekta Baheti of BBA Final Year was crowned with the title of 'Miss Farewell' and Mr. Ushabh Jain of BCCA was awarded the title of 'Mr. Farewell'. Students were set rushing on foot tapping songs as the floor was set on fire with DJ and music. A large number of students, along with officiating Principal of G H Raisoni College of Commerce Science & Technology, Nagpur, Dr. Aarti Deshpande teaching and non teaching staff of the college participated in the event. Mrs. Jyoti Pillay and Dr Jasvinder Kaur worked hard for the success of the program.


    A Workshop on “How to Ace Your Icebreaker” Conducted at GHRCCST, Nagpur

    A workshop on “How to ace your icebreaker” was conducted on 28th July 2018 in Vivekanand Hall by TM Ruchi. The basic idea behind conducting this workshop was to make the freshers familiar with the framing and delivery of icebreaker speech. TM Ruchi explained the students about the basics of icebreaker through a PPT presentation. The objectives of icebreaker, organization of speech, insights for icebreaker, various ways to choose topics for icebreaker, etc.. and many more points were explained. Later on, students were given the chance to ask questions regarding the workshop. Also TM Aarti Deshpande gave her feedback regarding the conduct of workshop.

    GHRCCST, Nagpur Organized “Clash of Clans” Under Toast Fest - 2k19

    The biggest event of Raisoni toastmasters club “Toast Fest” was conducted on 30th and 31st January, 2019. The audacious young talents of Raisoni Toastmasters Club made the event a huge success. This is the event which decides the best club among the two diligent clubs of Raisoni Toastmasters i.e. Emerald and Diamond. Day one was organized by the Emerald Club with a grand opening ceremony and theme reveal in bollywood style followed by a euphonious music, band and three events lined for the day (Netflix, Extricate, Spin a Yarn) .


    Second day was organized by Diamond Club with a carnival bash with two events lined (War of Views and Street play) and closing ceremony with a carnival parade. Toast Fest is not just another college fest rather it helps to ameliorate competitive spirit, planning, futuristic thinking and many such skills in students. There were many criteria to judge the best club be it discipline, decoration, dedication, total number of theme meets, total number of ice breakers, total number of new participants and winning points in the event. It is not just the two days but the annual presentation, preparation and commitment of club towards toastmasters which is taken into consideration. And this year the best club having the highest points was the Emerald Club. Emerald club bagged the best club award for the third time in a row. The dedication to furbish Toast Fest of academic year 2019-20 can be seen as the evaluation for upcoming best club has begun and students are ready to iridescent again.

    Club Officer Training Programme Conducted at GHRCCST, Nagpur

    The Club Officer Training Programme was conducted on July 15 2018 8:30am, At E3, Raisoni Toastmaster's Club, Shraddha House, Kingsway , Nagpur. The motive behind COTP ie. Club Officers Training Programme was to train the Club officers with respect to various norms of Toastmasters International. All the club officers of various clubs of Nagpur attended the training programme. The training programme was conducted by divisional director Division H Toastmaster Subhangi Pandey. Also the presence of Area director area H4 Toastmaster Mayuri and area H5 Toastmaster Shashank was noted. The training programme consisted of various work culture, roles and responsibilities of the club officers. DIAMOND Ruchi Maloo - VP member Varad Kulkarni - VP OR Surbhi Agrawal- Treasurer Hussain- SAA EMERALD Tanushree – SAA Shubham Toshniwal - VP PR Shreya Jain – Treasurer Moreover, Toastmaster Shashank (Area Director H5) conducted the judges training programme (JTP) for the upcoming contest of Humorous and Evaluation. It Consisted of Various insights of Judginh criteria for the contest


    Rotaract Club of GHRCCST, Nagpur Celebrated Christmas with Street Children

    Rotaract Club of G H Raisoni College of Commerce, Science & Technology, Nagpur celebrated Christmas with street children & donated cloths to needy people near Maharajbag Garden Nagpur. 7 Rotaract club members along with one faculty member Prof. Pankaj Pethe (In charge Rotaract club) celebrated this evening with 22 children. We had wonderful time in singing Christmas songs, followed by refreshment. We distributed cloths to all needy people those are living on footpath. Children presented their poems & their educational abilities. Mrs. Aarti Deshpande, Co-ordinator, G H Raisoni College of Commerce, Science & Technology, Nagpur motivated & supported us to make this event fabulous. The motive of this Rotaract visit was to interact with small children for sharing happiness.

    GHRCCST, Nagpur Organized A Guest Lecture on “How to Prepare A Good Business Plan”

    I.I.I ( INDUSTRY INSTITUTE INTERACTION ) cell of G H Raisoni College of Commerce, Science & Technology, Nagpur has organized a Guest Lecture on the topic “ How to Prepare A Good Business Plan Presentation” for BBA – I Year ,BBA –II year, BBA–III year on 5th December 2017 . The Guest Lecture was delivered by – Mr. Mukesh Ashar, Cofounder of Lemon School of Entrepreneurship, Nagpur. He discussed in detail how to conceive an innovative idea and converting it into a good business plan. He also explained the procedure and content of a good business plan. He gave guidelines for the preparation of a business plan presentation and how to present it. The session was interactive and useful for the students. Coordinator of G H Raisoni College of Commerce , Science & Technology, Nagpur, Mrs. Aarti Deshpande, and HoD BBA department, Mrs. Jyoti Samseriya , CA Manish Shah and other faculty members were attended this guest lecture. Dr. Jasvinder Kaur III cell In charge along with the Gaurav Rajpal (President III), Ushabh Jain (vice president III) and students member of III cell had taken the initiative for the programme.


    GHRCCST, Nagpur Conducted Industrial Tour to Jadhao Industries

    G H Raisoni College of Commerce, Science & Technology, Nagpur BBA Department conducted 2 days Industrial tour for BBA II year students to Jadhao Industries on 7th & 8th December - 2017. There were 75 students in two days of visit with three faculty member Dr. Jasvinder Kaur, Prof. Pankaj Pethe, Mr. Islam Siddiqui. On 8th December we visited Jadhao Gears (Ginning division); students visited this industry where they learnt assembly of ginning machine. They also observed the tie ups, dealers' details, production line up, cost cutting methods and supply chain management. The motive of this industrial visit was to impart knowledge of commercial activities as well as exhilarate students.

    Coffee Cup Meet Organized at GHRCCST, Nagpur

    Coffee cup meeting –A meeting organized with the alumni for BCCA students. The session was delivered by Mr. Harshad Sarvaiya the alumni of the BCCA department. He is a government employee working as a Junior Statistical Officer in Indian Bureau Of Mines Nagpur. The alumni shared his experience with the students. Mr. Harshad interacted with the students and motivated them by sharing his life experiences. He told the students how to study and prepare for the exams. He also enlightened students how they should deal with interviews and other competitive exams. Altogether it was a very informative and useful session for all the students.

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