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Campus life

  • Student Life

    Education cell

    Gyan Manthan – The Management Fest The management fest is purely an in-houseactivity, wherein students from commerce and allied fields i.e. finance, banking, managementetc. take part in various events, that involve development of skills, needed in real-life business situations.

    The unexplored and hidden talent and potential of the students are given the platform of Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Technology& Business Plan. It showcases various events in the form of business research, preparing finance dictionary, promotion of products to inculcate corporate work culture and business ethics among students.

    Edification- The Education Club The Education Club brings together students to engage with leaders in the field, discuss current education issuesand connect through networking opportunities.The purpose of this organization is to facilitate communication and support to students interested in the current trends of education. The goal is to sponsor various professional activities and social events so that students caninteract with professionals in this field and exchange their ideas with them. They can update themselves through the various activities conducted under the club like Creative writing, Slogan making, storytelling etc.

    Natures Club

    Today our society is facing lot of problems related to environment. Moreover, today students are more connected to people all over the world but less connected to the near and dear ones and the nature. Taking this into consideration, Nature Club in our GHRCCST college, sorts out some activities which help them to connect, to our ‘Mother Earth’. The Nature Club conducts various activities such as recycling, environment painting wasp, throughout the year.

    The Nature Club aims at inculcating an appreciation of nature among students and encouraging them to participate in a variety of conservation initiatives. Its efforts include inviting leading environmentalists to the college to talk to students and sensitize them to the opportunities and challenges in addressing environmental issues, organizing an annual tree-planting day, and participating in important nature-oriented programs. Students also work on recycling waste and reduction of consumption on campus by recycling paper and providing support to the rag-pickers of Nagpur.

    The school works towards making the school campus an eco-friendly place. There are bins to segregate garbage, ‘Bio Degradable and ‘Recyclable Material Bin’. The bio degradable material is safely disposed off while the recyclable material is again handed over to FORCE for further processing.

    NSS Activity

    The main objectives of GHRCCST’s National Service Scheme (NSS)

    • Understand the community in which they work,
    • Understand themselves in relation to their community,
    • Identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem-solving.
    • Develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility.

    It provides opportunity to the student youth of BBA & BCCA to take part in various government led community service activities & programs. The sole aim of the NSS is to provide hands on experience to young students in delivering community service. Being an active member these student volunteers would have the exposure and experience to be the following:

    • an accomplished social leader
    • an efficient administrator
    • a person who understands human nature.

    GHRCCST’s NSS is focus on developing overall personality of student & it’s reflection in society while delivering services. NSS is teaching tool for discipline, etiquettes, time management, thought process etc.

    GHRCCST’s NSS used to conduct several important activities for youth & for society also. We deliver value based, skills based teaching & learning environment to students for maximum participation.

    Cultural Cell

    Cultural awareness and participation play an integral role in a student's education.

    Our cultural Cell has the following aims:

    • To give all students the opportunity to be involved in culturally enriching activities.
    • To give those students with special talents a chance to extend themselves and to grow in their area of expertise.
    • To expand our students’ appreciation of cultural activities.

    Some of the important cultural activities in College are:

    • Fresher’s party
    • Indradhanu –The Annual Gathering
    • Deep Ramzan- Diwali and Eid celebration
    • Farewell Party
    Aarambh Induction

    “Never stop learning, because life never stop teaching.”-Anonymous

    This is exactly the vision the G H Raisoni College of Commerce, Science and Technology, Nagpur tend to imbibe in their students. And the initiation for the same, onsets from the Induction program-Aarambh!

    • It is a 3 day program.
    • It is organized by the college for the newly admitted students of BBA and BCCA.
    • The Day 1 of the event includes inauguration, address of the coordinator and the charter-chariot installation.
    • The Day 2 comprises of management games. It consists of number of mind games including battle field, memory game and the like. At the end of the second day, the students are required to present their learning outcome in the form of management perspective.
    • The Day 3 is an open fete, wherein the groups of newly admitted students are required to sell their stalls to the attendees. This aids in showcasing the students’ management skills in the form of leadership, team building and decision making.

    There is also the live Rock band performance for the students.


    Raisoni Toastmasters provides a supportive and positive learning experience in which students are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills resulting in greater self confidence and personal growth

    Public speaking and leadership skills are the two sides of the same coin named TOASTMASTERS .

    Public speaking can make your heart skip a beat and ‘I am going to die on stage fear grips you’. But the speech assignments in Toastmasters helps you to research on the topic, it teaches you to get to the point ,organize your speeches and it also guides you how to present your speech, how to persuade and inspire your audience.Toastmasters is a perfect platform to grow as a speaker as well as an individual who can accept challenges and to overcome them with triumph.

    It was rightly stated by Ralph Smedly the founder of TOASTMASTERS “But just what do we mean by ‘leadership’it would appear to be the capacity to look ahead ,think ahead ,plan ahead ,and then influence other people to go ahead on the plan”. In leadership skills one can learn to inspire ,coach,support and delegate others.

    Being a part of toastmasters ,an individual displays improved communication skills and interpersonal relations. His personal growth is judged and appreciated by people around who do notice the changed personality ,but this change can be achieved only by achieving ones own personal goals along with the enhanced performance in the show of leadership skills.

    Weekly meetings ,Monthly contest [Inspirational,humorous,table topics,spin a yarn,evaluation],Toastfest [a three day event],Youth Leadership Programmes in different schools,Mega event of youth leader ship programmes,TM Achievers day,Hyderabad visits for various contest,Area governers and distinguished toastmasters coming to interact and guide the students in their Toastmasters journey

    We at Raisoni Toastmaster club have been very open in a variety of ways ,different view points,innovative approaches that makes the club atmosphere fresh and vibrant.New students enrolling every year are fascinated by this world of Raisoni Toastmasters .Sheer determination and hardwork has made us climb the ladder of success . We have climbed each rung of the ladder with caution and a never say die attitude which has helped us to achieve the coveted PRESIDENTIAL DISTINGUISHED 2015-16. Stepping up from being SELECT DISTINGUISHED 2014-15,it really made us proud to become President Distinguished .PHOENIX award,GOLDEN EAGLE award for the best club at Hyderabad 2015-16 are a few more jewels added to our crown .CC’s ,CL’s and AC[BRONZE] accomplished by our students made us realize Raisoni Toastmasters is shinning ..3 of our students made history in Raisoni Toastmaster Club by completing ADVANCED COMMUNICATION BRONZE .Students participation in the clubs YLP to train young minds to become better orators of the future,has made us at Raisoni feel proud all the more . The newly introduced pathway also has the students actively introduced to it and nearly 10 of them are in level 4 already .

    We at Raisoni are basking in the warmth of our new found glory and hope our club keeps rising and rising beyond one’s imagination.

    We are here not to conquer the world but to set the adrenaline rushing of one and all through platform of “Toastmasters”.

    Literature Club

    The Literature Club has been formed to develop the inclination of the students towards the literature learning in three basic language i.e. English, Hindi and Marathi. The Club conducts various activities like Slogan Writing, Story Writing, Literature work shop, Poetry Writing, Book review, Kavi sammelan / Skit Presentation, Paper presentation, etc. The students are awarded with certificates and prizes for participation in different competitions organized by the club. The activities are conducted round the year under the direction of the in charge of the club Prof. Kalyani Dubey. The Club is raising its standard with each event conducted under the guidelines of Dr. Aarti Deshpande (Principal, G H Raisoni College of Commerce, Science and Technology).


    The Engfinity club initiates various competitive activities throughout the year for BCCA Students to develop the LSRW skills in English language. The students develop interpersonal skills, presentation skills and public speaking through different levels of competitions. The club is divided in different houses further and led by student mentors and co-mentors. Hence the club is of the students, for the students and by the students. The students conduct the activities like speeches, skits, drama, making documentary and short films etc under the supervision of the coordinator of the club Prof. Kalyani N Dubey and HOD BCCA Prof. Madhuri Barua. The club has taken a giant leap of success in the past three years under the guidance and motivation of Principal Dr. Aarti Deshpande. The Engfinity Club has been proven a mile stone for BCCA students in developing their Listening, Speaking, Reading and writing skills. It is a highly participated club.

    Industry Institute Interaction (III) cell

    III Cell is an important wing for any institution to promote knowledge with the advancement of technology. GHRCCT helps students to get the practical knowledge & experience with the help of live projects & small internship programmes and industry institute interaction.
    The major functions of III cell are :

    • Live Project: Students are encouraged to understand the importance of live projects as it helps to develop the skills and let them experience the real world of the work.
    • Guest Lectures: Distinguished dignitaries with years of experience in their fields are invited to share their experiences with the students on topics like Financial Litracy, Business & Market Research , Business Plan etc.
    • Industrial Visits: One of the great experiences of our college is an industrial visit. This gives students the opportunity to understand the actual operations of any industry.
    • Internship programs – Internship programs are offered to the students, which is optional in nature. Students are encouraged to undergo internship to have a feel of practical exposure and training in various industries.
    • Training and Placement: The Goal of training and placement cell is to provide employment opportunities to the students. Facilitates the students to master their skills by the practical exposure from the industry. Our students while pursuing graduation got the opportunity to face the campus interviews with various companies like IBM Daksh. Concentrix , Infosys, Bookzevents.com, Amazon , TCS etc.
    Fitness Club

    What does it mean to be fit? Finding a discrete definition is somewhat difficult. According to the dictionary, fitness means: “the quality or state of being fit." If you find those words somewhat vague, you’re not alone.

    And that’s sort of the point, according to exercise experts. Fitness doesn’t have to mean that you’re an ultra-marathoner or that you can perform one pull-up or one hundred. Fitness can mean different things for different people.

    “For GHRCCST, fitness is first and foremost about feeling good and being able to move without pain”. The fitness club explains that true fitness is about feeling healthy and being in sufficient shape to do the activities you want to do and live the lifestyle you want to live. But physical fitness should not solely be measured with any one of these or other tests or evaluations. Traditionally, college have defined five key components of physical fitness: body composition, cardiorespiratory or aerobic fitness, flexibility, muscular strength, and muscular endurance. The club balances all the components to give the best to its students.

    Short term course

    Certification courses are basically worked for students as a part of value addition program providing content beyond syllabus. These certificate courses last from 30 to 45 hours depending on the nature of the course. Today, GHRCCST offers a wide range of certificate courses ranging from banking, computer, finance, marketing, business simulation, commerce and many more. With the support of long list of certificate courses the students can easily make out their best choice as per their interest and career goals. These courses go in a long way in bridging the gap between campus to corporate. Short term certified courses concentrates on skill enhancement and opportunities for generating more employment for the students. The college has taken initiative in floating large number of courses like, Basic & Advanced Simulation, CRT training, Digital Marketing, Understanding financial statements to name a few.
    Characteristics of certificate courses offered by GHRCCST are:

    • Regular intervention of assignments, group discussion within the courses.
    • Detail course learning with deep modules strategy.
    • Practical knowledge along with theoretical classes.
    • Availability of latest research and development tools along with fitted laboratories, well equipped class rooms and many more.
    • Strict discipline and world class study infrastructure where student can easily go through their course modules.
    • Analyzes and regular assessment mode of students performance.
    Creative Club

    Creative Club is an initiative to make classroom environments more creative and interesting!!!

    The purpose of the creative club is to simulate interest in creative ideas among students. This programs gives an opportunity for students to develop their interactions among groups, helps enhance their creative and leadership skills. The club attempts to create an awareness of student mind by organizing activities like Poster making, Tattoo making, Ad Mad show, best out of waste etc.

    Encarta - IT Cell

    “Encarta - The IT Cell” provides knowledge to the students in the field of Information Technology. It provides effective support to improve students’ academic performance. It updates students with the information from latest technology to working in the IT sector and also on the top companies in the IT field. It also improves students’ engagement in college and external activities which include but are not limited to industry visits, seminars, workshops and training and stimulate social responsibility awareness which will assist them to learn, grow and fully prepare to face the challenges in life outside the campus and global workforce.

    Rotaract Club

    GHRCCST’s ROTARACT Club is club of students, teachers, management and problem-solvers who see a city where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the state, country, in our communities, and in ourselves. Our club is having main objective to inculcate moral, social responsibilities in students which can make them better for coming future.

    Students in our Rotaract interacts, helps society for commencement of knowledge, awareness & skills for crating base for youngsters. We provide service to needy, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through our fellowship of management.

    Rotaract clubs bring together people ages 18-30 to exchange ideas with leaders in the community, develop leadership and professional skills, and have fun through service.In communities worldwide, Rotaract members work side by side to take action through service. From Nagpur city to rural villages, Rotaract is changing communities.

    Rotaract members decide how to organize and run their clubs, manage their own funds, and plan and carry out activities and service projects. Rotaract club used sponsors offer guidance and support and work with your club as partners in service.

    Sahas – Adventure Camp

    The College organizes two days adventure camp in the name of “SAHAS”. The camp is exclusively for the College student only. The aim behind the camp was to teach the students various management skills and also to make them understand the importance strategic and tactical planning decision making. Various adventure activities like 100 feet wall climbing, guerilla techniques, rappelling, forest treasure hunt, water sports night safari etc. are provided to the students. Large number of students participate and take maximum learning benefits from the camp. It is totally free of cost for the students

    Saraswati Pooja

    Maa Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, music, arts and nature. Saraswati represents intelligence, consciousness, creativity, education and enlightment of soul. Saraswati Pooja is celebrated on the occasion of Vasant Panchami in the presence of all the Principal, Staff and Students of GHRCCST. The celebration is witnessed by beautiful decoration of Maa Saraswati idol with flowers, lighting and Rangoli. Chapan Bhog is offered as Prasad to the deity. All the students and staff were dressed in traditional attire.


    G H Raisoni College of Commerce Science & Technology organize every year National & International excursion for its students. National excursion is for a period of 10 days where as International excursion is for 6 days .Excursion is organized by the college as a stress buster for its students. The basic objective behind this activity is to enlighten the students with the culture, tradition and heritage of the place visited. Various sightseeing along with camp fire etc. are enjoyed by the students in excursion.

    Students have a good chance to explore the rich diversity and broaden their perspective and outlook by experiencing social interaction amongst them. Various locations in India from North to South and East to West are covered every year in National excursion. As far as International excursion is concerned mostly Asian countries are preferred as per student’s choice.

  • Sports

    “Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose-it teaches you about life.”- Billie Jean King

    Inevitably Sports and Games make an indispensable part of the curriculum of our educational institutes. They are the carrier of a healthy mind, a healthy body and a free soul. They aid in the development of social skills. They reduce stress. They make sure that co-operation and coordination becomes the part and parcel of the lives of the student

    The attributes we eye on

    • An environment which motivates students
    • An optimism which never ceases to enlighten their lives
    • The team work which nurtures them on every track
    • The sportsman spirit which once ingested never leaves them

    As the pioneer institute providing holistic education, we have the best sports facility with us to take care of all of the above.

    Our sports facilities

    Here are some key pointers describing them well:-

    • Outdoor games - Outdoor games like badminton, football, basketball, and cricket have specifications with respect to the field needs. We have it all on our campus. We make sure to provide with amenities which are best in the class to provide the students with unsurpassed playing experience right here in our fields.
    • Indoor games - Finest of the indoor games facilities lie with our institute. We have table tennis, chess, and carom as the part of the indoor sports activities for our students. The students can spend their time in engaging in the sports arena of our indoor games with ease.
    • Sports in charge - We do comprehend the need of sports in charge in every sport. Thus, we have appointed the teachers for both indoor and outdoor game to guide the aspiring sports person well. They are excellent in their field. They have complete knowledge about the rules and regulations. We do have a sports coordinator in each class to encourage the students.
    • Competitions - In order to inculcate a sportsman spirit in the students, time and again sports competition are held in the college. There are held the inter class competitions. And, there are also organized the Intercollegiate sports meet. This inspires the students, enables them knowledge about the level of competition and prepares them for future endeavors.
    • First aid box - Complete care is taken at the college premises to keep it safe for the students playing sports. However, if during some sports event or regular games a student gets hurt the sports facility has the first aid box to aid them with medical assistance.
    • Sports dignitaries - The best sportsperson in the various sports, the sports personality, those that have made the nation proud with their milestone achievements are a treasure to the society. In order to inculcate the students with supreme aims, they are invited by our institute to give lectures about the games.

    Fitness of body, mind and soul is the vision we have for our students at our institute.

    Play well! Live well! Stay healthy!

    The College encourages Indoor Sports activities for all round development of the students. The activities comprises of Chess Competition, Carom, Pool Table, Table Tennis and Badminton. The Students are participates in various competition held under each activity. The College has best of the equipments and instructor to teach the students with perfection. The winners are awarded with trophy and certificate.

    Raisoni premier league

    The familiar quote “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” of yester years has gain much importance in today’s scenario. Sports in any form indoor or outdoor are played by the youth of today, but only on smartphones. Taking to playgrounds, bruising your knees, giving your stamina a test is yet to see its own sunrise.

    Keeping in mind all this, our College had sown seeds of RPL an intra-college cricket tournament for its Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) & Bachelor of Commerce – Computer Application (BCCA) students in the year 2013. Since then there was no looking back. The seeds sown have taken the shape of a huge tree imparting its shadow and fruits to all the budding young graduates of our College who feel sports can be taken up as professional career.

    We have been inspired from Indian Premier League (IPL) and have made efforts to conduct RPL on the same lines. Right from auction of students to faculty members being made as team owners to conducting league matches and getting best of the sports personalities on this platform has been our sole aim and mission behind this gala event. We were fortunate to have ex cricketers like Prashant Vaidya, Subrato Bannerjee to the present ones like Faiz Fazal to name a few on this platform. Their presence acted as a motivating factor to our students and efficiency barometer of our students scaled new heights. Attached here with are few images for yesteryears which will remain in your cherished memory for years to come.

    Raisoni Badminton Super Series

    G H Raisoni College of Commerce Science & Technology has organizing one day event that is Raisoni Badminton Super Series for the students of BBA & BCCA, every year in Sports Department, Shraddha House, Nagpur. We are honored that we got this opportunity to contribute in Sports activity. The motive of this tournament program was to inculcate sports qualities and physical fitness. This initiative was taken by the college to make the student active towards participation in sports. Also it gave help to the students for their exposure in nonacademic activities. Students are motivated by giving cash prizes and certificates.

  • Library

    The word library is enough to picture you a nicely lit room, well ventilated, well-structured books, journals and magazines. The library at GHRCCST is every bit that and more to it. The fact that it is continuously updated with the latest information in the form of study material, books and reference books pursues the needful.

    It is an integral part of an educational institution and we have the best in the education arena. We have it organized in the most impeccable manner so as to avail complete nurturing of knowledge to our students. It is the finest learner-centred amenity for our students to cater to with ease.

    The aspiring entrepreneurs, the students who want to make their career in IT firms or those with a knack for management need to simply reach out to the library and imbibe the power called ‘knowledge’.

    “The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library”- Albert Einstein.

    And, we have it for our students and faculty right here on the campus of GHRCCST.

    Our library is embellished with some of the most salient features for you to take advantage of:-

    • Explore length and breadth of the room- Indeed, with a spacious library like ours; you have immense to look forward to with the facilities. Hence, the first aspect we took care of was to put as many books, learning the material and reading information in the library. Along with it, we have made it really spacious for our students of computer science, management, computer application and administration. So, you can with ease, explore the length and breadth of the room to avail knowledge and education.
    • Learning material sees no boundary- we comprehend your need to study from reference books along with your course books. We understand that you need journals, the books from a variety of authors and the international papers. We have it all with us right here at the library for you to take advantage of.
    • Question banks and solutions- Even when you are prepared verbatim with the notes and books; there is always the need of online question banks and solutions. A pattern of the question paper and a format for an answer is the key to the best-written answer sheets. Undoubtedly, you are well aware of this and so are we.
    • Comfortable furniture- Chairs, tables, lamps we take care of each one of it so that our students are comfortable in the heaven of books. The best quality furniture assures the needful.
    • Silence- Silence is not just a part of the code of conduct; it is religiously followed in our institute library.
    • Book bank facility- The needy, yet meritorious students can avail the Book Bank facility from the library to enrich knowledge and embody information. There are some definite norms for the same for which you can contact the librarian.

    *Note: - For below link passwords contact to Librarian

    The Code of Conduct

    The library is for you to explore every facet of knowledge, imbibe information and preserve the books. It thus becomes your responsibility to take care of books, journals and magazines issued to you. Let the flow of information continue. It is opened on the regular college days from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

    E- Resources

    Institute has memberships of

    • 1.DELNET

    • 2. National Digital Library of India


    DELNET stands for Developing Library Network (formerly Delhi Library Network). It is the first operational library network in India. It was started as a project of the India International Centre in January 1988 with the initial, financial and technical assistance by National Information System for Science and Technology (NISSAT), Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Govt. of India. It was registered as a society in June 1992 under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 and is currently being promoted by the National Informatics Centre (NIC), Planning Commission, Govt. of India and India International Centre, New Delhi.

    Link for DELNET login:
    User id: mhghrccst

    National Digital Library

    Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) under its National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT) has initiated the National Digital Library of India (NDL India) pilot project to develop a framework of virtual repository of learning resources with a single-window search facility. Filtered and federated searching is employed to facilitate focused searching so that learners can find out the right resource with least effort and in minimum time.

    Link for National Digital Library Log in: https://ndl.iitkgp.ac.in/
    Log in id:pritam.gedam@raisoni.net

    Useful & some open Access links Open Access:
    Link for Shodhganga

    Shodhgangotri is a an initiative that compliments "ShodhGanga". While "ShodhGanga" is a repository of full-text theses submitted to universities in India, Shodhgangotri hosts synopsis of research topic submitted to the universities in India by research scholars for registering themselves for the PhD programme. Shodhgangotri is now a vibrant project covering not only Research in Progress but also hosts Major-Minor Research Project /Post Doctorate Fellowship/Emeritus Fellowship etc. (MRPs/PDFs/Fellowships).

    Log in: https://sg.inflibnet.ac.in/browse?type=title

    NPTEL Video lectures and web courses: https://nptel.ac.in/
    Online Course Materials, Video Lectures from IIT through NPTEL https://nptel.ac.in/course.html
    Free Courses https://www.coursera.org/courses?query=free
    Free Video Lectures https://freevideolectures.com/


    E-Dictionary Cambridge Dictionary Online http://dictionary.cambridge.org/
    Subject Dictionary- Technology http://www.libraryspot.com/dictionaries/

    Plagiarism Checking Services (Free Access)


    Newspapers and Magazines


    E-Database -Directory of open Access Repository



    E-Books (Management Related)

    1) Free Management Libraryhttps://managementhelp.org/

    E-Books (Computer Science Related)

  • Labs

    Computer lab

    ‘Computer themselves, and software yet to be developed, will revolutionize the way we learn’-Steve Jobs

    Innovation and technology have become a part and parcel of the day to day life today. At GHRCCST we make sure to provide you with amenities which are par excellence. Computer laboratory is a part of the same facility. Our state-of-the-art computer laboratory has a plethora of sections. And, each of it provides support to internet applications, design application and programming. Hence, you can be assured of being on the receiving end of knowledge with practical experience with us.

    Our attributes

    • Comprehensive assistance- Comprehensive assistance by the lab faculty and educators to assist you with any issues arising in the operation of equipment or software. They are well versed with their job and will be a helping hand as and when needed.
    • High Speed Internet- Our laboratory is coupled with high speed internet. You can be assured of seamless working with the same.
    • Latest Configuration- Our computers are associated with the latest configuration to aid you in better processing. This is not it. The software of the computer is upgraded from time to time. Thus, you will be able to take benefits of the latest with the laboratory.
    • Hands-on-Practical- We comprehend the need of hand-on-practical experience for our students. Hence, we have a good number of computers in our laboratory to suffice the need.

    Computer laboratory is for you to explore new depths of academic pursuits. Hence, utilize it with immense care. While technology never ceases to be the best friend, make sure you do not make it your enemy by misusing it. Do not let it be your worst nightmare.

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